AIOU Degree Form 2024 for All Programs Online Download & Apply

The first thing you need after finishing all of your semesters with good grades is your degree. The University will not send it to you unless you apply for it. The procedure to get an AIOU Degree is either manual or online. AIOU Degree Form is required for all applications, whether manual or online.

You can apply early and be ahead of your classmates if you understand the requirements of the AIOU Degree Application Form. Specific details are enough when filling out the form and sending it to the main department in Islamabad. In the case of form filling through an online process, significant time and effort can be saved.

AIOU Degree Form 2024 for All Programs Online Download & Apply

AIOU Degree Form 2024

In this guide, we’ll go over each step that is essentially required for both local (students in Pakistan) and international students to apply and have their degrees shipped (posted) directly to their homes. Also, we’ll walk you through some precautions so information filled documents are not returned.

We’ll go over the most common problems that students face, as well as their comprehensive solutions. If you have any questions about any of the processes, please post them in the comments section.

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Fill the Challan Online

I have made a step by step guide below for those students who don’t know how to aiou challan form download. This guide will help you without making any mistakes.

  • Select category and click “NEXT” button.
  • In the next page, yo will see the below image
AIOU Challan Form 2023
  • you should put your all details. Complete all the required informatio like, including your name, roll number, and program.
  • Select Desired Category Like ‘DEGREE/CERTIFICATE FEE’ in the category drop down.
  • Select Program.
  • Click Download button.
  • You can see your challan form.
  • You should recheck your all details of fee challan form.
  • After verifying the details, simply click the download icon located in the top right corner to save it to your device.
  • Your form will be stored in the downloads folder, and you can easily print it for fee payment at the bank.

One other thing to consider is the amount section of the form. Different degrees have different fees for the urgent or normal application process which we’ll discuss further in the next section in detail.

To know more about fees check the following image (we recommend you visit the official website for the latest fees).

AIOU Deree Form Challan Online

NOTE: Besides the degree fee if you’ve other dues left YOU MUST ADD THEM TO THE CHALLAN AMOUNT. Read below if you have unpaid dues in all semesters.

Add Unpaid Dues:

Sr.No.ProgrammeFee(Per Course Code)
2.Elementary ArabicRs.100/-
4.CT/Diploma 10+3Rs.200/-
9.MA Level/M.PhilRs.500/-

In most cases, students left their re-appear fee or workshop fee during any of the semesters. Add those unpaid dues to the original degree amount.

Example: If you have to apply for a B.Ed degree and you also have to pay a re-appear fee for two subjects, then you’ll add the amount of total as follow:
Normal Fee: 1000 + (2 * 400) = 1800 total
Urgent Fee: 2000 + (2 * 400) = 2800 total

Note: If you have unpaid dues left your degree forms will be rejected. So, be careful and pay all dues to avoid rejections.

Pay Challan in Bank:

Previously AIOU has been supporting multiple banks but now they’ve narrowed the options. You can submit fee in the following banks:

  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  • Easypaisa/JazzCash

Submitted challan copy should be saved properly even one can snapshot with their phone.

Urgent/Normal Degree Delivery Days:

The degree will be ready in two weeks and delivered to your address if you pay an urgent fee. With the urgent fee, it usually takes a month (including post delays) to receive your degree. TCS delivers your diplomas to your door.

The University is not responsible for delivering you early with “Normal Fee”. When I asked about time, they informed me that degrees with normal fees are delivered in years. I don’t know how long it takes with a normal fee because I haven’t met a single student with that experience. If you are the one, please let us know in the comments.

I recommend an urgent fee for quick delivery because it takes less than a month.

Fill Degree Form

It is a simple form where student’s information needs to be filled in. Some of the key points are given below while filling out your degree form.

  • Check the box for (urgent/normal) in the top left corner
  • Write down re-appear and the full fee in the blanks
  • Add information about your passed subjects with their code numbers, total number, and semester (the semester in which the subject was passed)
  • The required attachments for each program/level are different. So, see your degree attachments row carefully and attach only notarized (attested) documents.
  • Attach an original copy of paid challan (keep a record of the challan by photocopying or taking the picture by phone)
  • All attached documents should be ATTESTED WITH THE NAME OF ATTESTING AUTHORITY.
  • B.COM and BBA students should attach their internship certificates as well.

Example: For B.A or B.Ed degree you should attach Matric, F.A, and B.A Credentials. Also, don’t forget to attach the Original Degrees Of Your Previous Classes.

Compulsory Attachments Detail:

AIOU Deree Form Challan Online


How can I apply for an AIOU degree form online?

Complete details in this post about how can I apply for an AIOU degree form online.

What documents are required to fill out the AIOU degree form?

Generally, when filling out the AIOU degree form, you’ll need documents such as your transcripts, a copy of your national identity card (CNIC), passport-sized photographs, and any additional certificates or documents related to your course completion or specialization. Make sure to check the specific requirements mentioned on the form or the AIOU website.

How long does it take to receive the AIOU degree after applying?

The degree will be ready in two weeks and delivered to your address if you pay an urgent fee. With the urgent fee, it usually takes a month (including post delays) to receive your degree.
In case of normal fee,the time it takes to complete an AIOU degree is not guaranted. According to some students, the degree could take years to arrive.

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