How to Check and Remove AIOU Admission Objections 2024

Whenever a student takes admission in any program of Allama Iqbal Open University. Students fills the admission form. So students attach their original information along with admission form for example student,s previous classes result card copies, student ID card copies, b form and father ID card. Etc. But sometimes it happens that when they while applying online admission at the same time, there is an objection in the admission due to a mistake in the documents called AIOU admission objection form.

If there are objections in aiou in the admission form, then his admission is not confirmed. In this article, we will tell you the reason why there is an objection in the admission form. How to Check and Remove AIOU Admission Objections 2024. After reading all your queries related to admission objection will be cleared. After edmission you can track the books very easily through the AIOU Books Tracking 2024 | Spring and Autumn Semester Online for All Students.

How to Check and Remove AIOU Admission Objections 2023

AIOU Admission objection Reasons

First of all the most important thing is what is the reason for objection in the admission form. If you want to know, all the reasons have been explained below.

  • Due to non-deposit of admission fee.
  • The uploading documents given in the admission form should be proved to be fake.
  • If the information you have written in the documents may not be clearly visible.
  • It may also be that the information provided by you on the admission form does not match.
  • Submit the attested photocopy of the eighth pass school certificate issued by the regular school.
  • Submit ‘B’ form / attested photocopy of ID card for matriculation admission.
  • There is a difference between the name/parentage, date of birth mentioned in the submitted certificate and B-form/ID card, so correct the school certificate as per B-form/ID card and send it.
  • As per university rules you must be 13 years of age, so you are not eligible for admission.Send original student fee receipt for fee refund.

How to Check AIOU Admission Objections 2024

However, I can provide you with a general guideline on how to check admission objections. Here’s a general procedure:

  1. Visit the AIOU Official Website: Allama Iqbal Open University’s official website show will appear on the home page visit, You have to click on this option.
  2. Login to Your Student Account: They will ask you about Gmail and password. You all have to Create Gmail ID and password which was sent to you by SMS from the university.
  3. Check Admission Status: Once you are logged in, This section should provide you with information about the status of your admission application.
  4. View Objections (if applicable): If there are any objections or issues with your admission application, they should be listed in this section. You will be shown two boxes one application status and admission status. If you see two boxes below the objection, it means your admission has not been confirmed yet.

How to remove AIOU Admission Objections 2024

How to remove objection in aiou for Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) in 2024, you will need to follow a specific process provided by the university. Here is a general guideline on how to address and remove AIOU admission objections:

  1. Check Your Admission Status:
    • Visit the official AIOU website (
    • Log in to your student portal using your registration number and password.
  2. View Admission Objections:
    • Once logged in, See the section related to admission status or objections.
    • Check to see if there are any objections to your admission application.
    • Carefully review the objections to understand the issue. Common objections may include missing documents, incorrect information, or fee-related issues.
  3. Collect Required Documents:
    • There will also be an action button next to the admission status and application status.
    • Click the action button, and a new screen will display your documents with objections, you have to re-upload them.
    • Upload the objected document by clicking the upload button and selecting the file from your device.
  4. Wait for Confirmation:
    • Once you upload the objected file, the objection will be cleared within a few days, confirming your admission.

How to Check and Remove AIOU Admission Objections 2024

AIOU Objection Forms 2024Click Below
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When Does AIOU Confirm My Registration?

Within two months of submitting your application, you can verify your admission status on the AIOU website at Log in using your student ID and the password you received via SMS or Email.

My Admission Is Not Confirmed From AIOU Website?

For applicants using the Online Application System (OAS), they will receive their admission confirmation via SMS within 15 working days. If documents are submitted manually through Pakistan Post or Courier Service, the admission confirmation SMS is sent within 25 working days after receiving the documents.

What Is Eligibility To Take Admission In Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Program?

Eligibility for Admission in SSC Program.
a. Minimum age is 13 years on the date of admissions.
b. Provision of the copy of Form-B/CNIC.
c. Provision of passport size photograph. 

What Is Eligibility To Take Admission In Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Program?

Eligibility for Admission in HSSC Program.
a. Minimum 33% marks in SSC certificate.
b. Provision of the copy of Form-B/CNIC.
c. Provision of passport size photograph.