AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No | By Name and Tutor Confirmation

Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad has announced admission and exam dates for the spring and autumn semesters. Before this, all candidates must complete the Assignment and submit it to their Assign Tutor by the deadline. In this post, I will discuss AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No and how to contact your Tutor using your AIOU Roll Number.

AIOU, a well-known institution in Pakistan, has faith in the tutors hired. These tutors are perform well checking AIOU Assignments and take online workshops for students. They are experts in their own subjects and mark students’ submitted assignments. AIOU ensures that students have easy access to their tutors’ address, names, and contact information for effective academic support.

AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No By Name and Tutor Confirmation

AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No

A lot of students around the world study at AIOU and really want to do well. Teachers are super important in making sure the education is great. AIOU keeps trying hard to make online learning better, so they picked the best tutors they could find. This means AIOU students can get a lot of help to succeed. If you want to contact your tutor, just know how to search using their name or roll number.

Check AIOU Tutor Information:


  • You need to open just the official Web Portal of AIOU.
  • Enter Login details. Like Username and Password


  • The dashboard will show on your screen.
  • A lot of options will appear but just you will choose My Tutors options.
Check AIOU Tutor Information Step 2


  • After clicking on the “My Tutors” options.
  • All tutor’s details will show regarding all courses.
  • You can collect the Tutor’s Name, Contact Number, District, Tehsil, and complete address details.
Check AIOU Tutor Information Step 3

AIOU Tutor Search by Name

The AIOU portal’s management has made some changes to portal-related tutors. There are currently two ways to find tutor information: by name and by roll number. Simply log in to the portal and choose the “My Tutor” option. Your tutor’s information will be displayed in front of you.

When students join AIOU, they get a schedule with details about their tutor: name, phone number, and address. This helps students meet up and learn more. This happens everywhere in Pakistan because people live all over, so they can easily find a tutor. All the info about AIOU tutors is on, so students can easily find what they need.

AIOU Tutor Confirmation

On each student’s Dashboard, the confirmation of the specific tutor is checked. Students should always confirm with their instructor before submitting an assignment. During the semester, confirmation is only required. During the workshop, however, you are not required to verify.


What information does AIOU provide about tutors?

AIOU gives details like the tutor’s name, contact number, and address at the time of admission. This helps students easily connect with their tutors.

Can I get a tutor if I live in a different part of Pakistan?

Yes, AIOU’s tutor system is available across Pakistan. Wherever you live, you can find a tutor easily through the information provided on

Can I change my assigned AIOU tutor if needed?

Generally, changes to assigned tutors might not be allowed. However, if there’s a genuine need or issue, contacting AIOU’s support services could help resolve concerns.

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