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Here complete detail about AIOU Online Workshop 2024. Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has announced the workshop schedule for Spring/Autumn 2024 for B.Ed and M.Ed programs. This workshop is an important part of AIOU examination process. And it is mandatory to participate in them. If you miss a workshop, you will have to do the workshop again. If you do not go to the workshop, your final grades may be reduced. To access your workshop schedule and join the workshops, please log in to the Learning Management System (LMS) at Once logged in, Go to your respective course as per the workshop schedule and click on the workshop link provided to participate in the difference shop.

If you are facing books related problem. No tension, How to download aiou soft books pdf? of all programs.

AIOU Online Workshop 2023 | Aaghi

AIOU Online Workshop 2024 | Aaghi

Downloading the online workshop schedule of aiou in PDF format is a useful way to keep track of it. Now you can easily access the details of the workshop through the given link. Just click the given link and enter your number after entering roll number you will be able to easily view and download complete AIOU Workshop Schedule 2024.

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AIOU Online Workshop Schedule | Autumn 2023

AIOU Online Workshop Login

Allama Iqbal Open University has been operational since 1974. Its old name was Open University, now its name has been changed to AIOU. It is one of the top university of Pakistan and Asia. Which is providing education to large number of students. AIOU is the first university and large to conduct distance and virtual classes. login tutor

The Allama Iqbal Open University integrates modern technology. They’ve included improvements like the Aghai LMS, assignment submissions, workshops through LMS, online application, and admissions. The University has finished old-style programs, and it once had face-to-face workshops and physical examinations. However, it has now changed all previous trends.

AIOU Workshop Schedule 2024

To attend aiou workshops for Spring 2024 please follow these step by step:

  1. Open your profile dashboard.
  2. Look for the “Courses” section and select the specific course you’re interested in.
  3. On the side of the selected course, you’ll see the date and time of each class.
  4. Click on the list below the announcements, and a new window will open.
  5. In the new window, you’ll find three options to choose from.
  • Download Teams if you prefer the desktop app for the best experience.
  • If you don’t want to download anything, you can continue using Teams in your web browser. No download or installation is needed.
  • Open Teams (work or school)

How to Use MS Teams App Step-by-Step Guide

How To Attend AIOU Workshop Online On Microsoft Teams is very easy to use. follow these step by step

Step 1: Log In to your LMS

If you want to attend AIOU online workshop from now browser login to your profile, I have already discussed the before and simply read it.

Step 2: Download and Install Microsoft Teams App

in case, In case you have to attend on your device (PC/Laptop/Mobile). If you are attending then application is your second option. Download AIOU MS Teams for Laptop and MS Teams for Mobile, and then Install it on your device.

Step 3: Log in to your AIOU Microsoft Teams App

You must provide your login information, which consists of your AIOU Microsoft Teams password and AIOU Microsoft Teams Login, in order to access your account and personal dashboard. Don’t forget to click the “save” option after logging in to save your information for later use. You’ve finished these steps successfully, congrats!

Step 4: Join

Look for the “Join” option in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Teams app. Clicking “Join” will take you to the workshop dashboard. Here, you can chat with your classmates and ask questions to the workshop tutor.

Step 5: Attendance

Attendance is for online workshop of AIOU is very important. However, If you are joining as a guest then your attendance will not be marked. Attendance will be hit only if you press the join tap and take the class. login workshop

AIOU has a new system called the Learning Management System. Each student has his own LMS account. And the university gives access to username and password. Use the login details and attend the workshop. Here you can find the workshop schedule including time, workshop duration, numbers, course name code, and workshop instructor.

AIOU Workshop schedule Spring and Autumn 2024

The Workshop segment is carried on. If you are searching for workshop schedule then download the set quickly, Otherwise, You will miss the workshop. If you miss it then you’ll have to re-attain. Don’t miss out this opportunity because it’s the easiest place to receive the complete 2024 AIOU workshop schedule.

Workshop Confirmation for Semester 2024

Here is only a single link and it will give you workshop schedule for specific class, course, and subject. Whether you are new students and continuing students then you can check workshop schedule using this link.


How To Attend The Workshops On AAGHI LMS/ MS Teams?

Complete process is above the article. All guidance is done step by step.

Is AIOU regular or private?

Allama Iqbal Open University operates primary Distance Education and Open Learning Institute in Pakistan, to serve students who might not attend regularly scheduled, in-person classes. It serves both regular and private students but we know it specialization in Open and Distance Education.

What is the rank of AIOU in Pakistan?

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) achieved the top position among 66 Pakistani universities in the recent Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2024, specifically in the category of quality education (SGD-4).

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