AIOU Matric Code 204 Urdu For Daily Use | Past Papers Free PDF Download

The AIOU Matric Code 204 Urdu for Daily Use past paper is updated to the latest version for the study of the matriculation exams of the Allama Iqbal Open University. This is done twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters. We are providing the aiou past papers for public guidance to help students understand the format and style of the papers that will be used in the Allama Iqbal Open University’s final exams.

The code 204 past paper is used for the study and learning of matric part 1 and 2. Students can now download aiou old papers code 204 for preparation of the exams that are scheduled by Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad each day following the spring and autumn semester matric part I and II.

AIOU Matric Code 204 Urdu For Daily Use Past Papers Download

AIOU Matric Code 204 Urdu For Daily Use | Past Papers Free Download

Open University Past Papers include five-year past papers. These papers can be used by students to study for their upcoming exams. Students can prepare for exams by using past papers. There are some questions that appear each year. The paper makers could not resist adding these important questions to the annual papers.

Urdu For Daily Use Code 204

Serial NoYears/SemestersDownload
1Code 204 – Spring 2022 Past Paper (1)Download
2Code 204 – Spring 2022 Past Paper (2)Download
3Code 204 – Spring 2019 Past PaperDownload
4Code 204 – Autumn 2018 Past PaperDownload
5Code 204 – Spring 2018 Past PaperDownload
6Code 204 – Spring 2017 Past PaperDownload
7Code 204 – Spring 2016 Past PaperDownload
8Code 204 – Autumn 2015 Past PaperDownload
9Code 204 – Spring 2015 Past PaperDownload
10Code 204 – Autumn 2014 Past PaperDownload
11Code 204 – Spring 2014 Past PaperDownload
12Code 204 – Autumn 2013 Past PaperDownload
13Code 204 – Spring 2012 Past PaperDownload
14Code 204 – Autumn 2011 Past PaperDownload
15Code 204 – Autumn 2010 Past PaperDownload
16Code 204 – Spring 2010 Past PaperDownload

Spring Model Papers

Serial NoNameDownload
1Urdu For Daily Use Spring Model Papers 2021Download

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