AIOU Fee Structure 2024 All Programs | AIOU Admission Fee [Updated]

Allama Iqbal Open University has released the official fee structure of 2024. This is great for new students who want to know how much it will cost to enroll in the upcoming spring and autumn semesters. Many students prefer to get this information from the AIOU website. you can find out how much the cost will be in the first semester, but you can also learn about the offers of different courses.

If you’ve completed Matric, FA, ICOM, DCOM, BA, BCOM, BSC, BCS, MA, MCOM, MSC, or M.phil and want to start your next program, you can check the fees and application process below.

AIOU Fee Structure 2024 All Programs

AIOU’s fee system is very straight forward. There are two types of fees: academic fees and admission fees. Firstly Academy Fee is the one which is collected every semester and this fee covers your tuition, exam expenses, library access, and some additional charges. Next, we have the admission fee, a one-time expense when you start your studies. When you enroll for the first time, which helps in the admission process. Below you can see 2024 fee structure for all different programs at Allama Iqbal Open University.

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AIOU Fee Structure All Program

Name of ProgramFirst Semester FeesTotal SemesterEligibility
B.A (Renamed as Associate Degree)Rs: 27354Inter pass
B.Ed 1.5 YearsRs: 195753MA with 2nd division
B.Ed 2.5 YearsRs: 195755Intermediate with 2nd division
B.Ed 4 YearsRs: 195758Intermediate with 45% Marks
ADERs: 112054Intermediate with 45% Marks
M.EdRs: 135752B.A /Bed Pass
M.A EducationRs: 135734B.A Pass
M.A UrduRs: 93954B.A Pass
M.A Islamic StudyRs: 93954B.A Pass
M.Sc Pak StudyRs: 114854B.A Pass
MLISRs: 114854B.A Pass

Matric and Intermediate Programs Aiou Fee Structure

We have gathered the AIOU Admission Fee 2024 at one place, which will save students’ time and efforts. Whether you are a student or a new student at the university, you can easily find the details of the Diploma, Certificate and Degree Program. Matric programs have four semesters, and students have to pay their AIOU fees for each one.

Name of ProgramFirst Semester FeesTotal Semester
MatricRs. 1300 /-04
 Darse-E-Nazami Group MatricRs. 1300 /-04
 F.A General Group & I.ComRs. 1820 /-04
 Darse-E-Nazami Group FARs. 1820 /-04

BS (4 Year) and ADP/BA (2 Year) Programs Aiou Fee Structure

Name of ProgramFirst Semester FeesTotal Semester
AD – Finance & AccountingRs. 40020 /-04
AD – Information Technology ManagementRs. 27390 /-04
AD – Library & Information ScienceRs. 27390 /-04
BA [PASS] – Mass CommunicationRs. 27390 /-04
AD- CommerceRs. 27390 /-04
B.Com- CommerceRs. 27390 /-04
BA (Pass) – Dars-e-NizamiRs. 11140 /-04
AD – Finance & AccountingRs. 40020 /-04

BS (4 Year) Programs Aiou Fee Structure

The AIOU Admission Fees for different programs, such as Matric, Darse-E-Nazami Group Matric, F.A General Group & I.Com, Darse-E-Nazami Group FA, BS Programs, Master’s Programs, MPhil, and Ph.D., are shown in the table below.

Name of ProgramFirst Semester FeesTotal Semester
AD- ArtsRs. 27390 /-08
BS- BotanyRs. 27390 /-08
BS- Business AdministrationRs. 27390 /-08
BS- ChemistryRs. 27390 /-08
BS- Computer ScienceRs. 40020 /-08
BCS- Computer ScienceRs. 40020 /-08
B.ED (HONS)- EducationRs. 11580 /-08
B.ED – EducationRs. 27390 /-08
BS – Gender & Women StudiesRs. 27390 /-08
B.Sc. – Library & Information ScienceRs. 27390 /-08
BS – MicrobiologyRs. 23100 /-08
BS – Pakistan StudiesRs. 27390 /-08
BS – PhysicsRs. 62000 /-08

Master Programs Aiou Fee Structure

Many Pakistani students choose Allama Iqbal Open University for post graduate degree becauseit’s well-regarded and costs less. AIOU’s MA program is particularly popular, that offers quality material at an affordable price. We will show you the fees of MA and other master’s degrees.

Name of ProgramFirst Semester FeesTotal Semester
 Post Graduate Diploma in English (TEFL)Rs. 10680 /-04
 Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for DieticiansAs per Course Selection04
 Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for Dieticians04
 PGD in EPM04
 MPA ExecutiveAs per Course Selection04
 MBA in Information TechnologyAs per Course Selection04
 MBA Executive (Col. MBA/MPA)Rs. 31680 /-04
 MBA (Marketing & HRM)3rd=24915 /-04
 MBA (Banking and Finance)As per Course Selection04
 Master in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)Rs. 12485 /-04
 Master in Educational Planning & ManagementRs. 8360 /-04
 Master in Commerce (M.Com)Rs. 19800 /-04
 M.Sc. StatisticsRs. 29000 /-04
 M.Sc. SociologyRs. 10200 /-04
 M.Sc. PhysicsRs. 18340 /-04
 M.Sc. Pakistan StudiesRs. 9315 /-04
 M.Sc. MathematicsRs. 29000 /-04
 M.Sc. Mass CommunicationRs. 12040 /-04
 M.Sc. Gender & Women StudiesRs. 11155 /-04
 M.Sc. Gender & Women StudiesAs per Course Selection04
 M.Sc. Forestry ExtensionRs. 15540 /-04
 M.Sc. Environmental DesignAs per Course Selection04
 M.Sc. EconomicsRs. 9315 /-04
 M.Sc. Community Health and NutritionRs. 17705 /-04
 M.Sc. ChemistryRs. 31624 /-04
 M.Sc. Agricultural ExtensionAs per Course Selection04
 M.Sc. (Hons) Rural DevelopmentAs per Course Selection04
 M.Ed. Teacher EducationRs. 8360 /-04
 M.Ed. in Special EducationRs. 8360 /-04
 M.Ed. Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)Rs. 8360 /-04
 M.Ed. (Science Education)Rs. 8360 /-04
 M.A UrduRs. 7475 /-04
 M.A Teaching of English (TEFL)Rs. 13500 /-04
 M.A Teacher EducationRs. 12040 /-04
 M.A Special EducationRs. 12040 /-04
 M.A Islamic StudiesRs. 11155 /-04
 M.A HistoryRs. 10200 /-04
 M.A Education (DNFE)Rs. 12040 /-04
 M.A ArabicRs. 9315  /-04
 Certificate Course in Gender & Women Studies04

M.Phil. Programs Aiou Fee Structure

Name Of ProgramsC. H FeeThesis & EvaluationFee (in PKR)Admission/IT/RegistrationFee (in PKR)
MS (Management Sciences)Rs. 8430520207100
MPhil MathematicsRs. 5860520202100
MPhil HistoryRs. 2800222002100
M.S. Computer ScienceRs. 6180123602100
M.Phil. UrduRs. 28002100
M.Phil. StatisticsRs. 5860234402100
M.Phil. PhysicsRs. 475595102100
M.Phil. in Pakistani Lang. and LiteratureRs. 28002100
M.Phil. EducationRs. 2800112002100
M.Phil. EconomicsRs. 5860467452100
M.Phil. ChemistryRs. 64702100

Ph.D. Programs Aiou Fee Structure

Name Of ProgramsC. H FeeThesis & EvaluationFee (in PKR)Admission/IT/RegistrationFee (in PKR)
Ph.D. Iqbal Studies
Ph.D. Urdu
Ph.D. Education3180252303100
MS Leading to Ph.D.
Ph.D. Chemistry6510 for 9 C.H134004500
Ph.D. Statistics5100612004100

Download AIOU Fee Structure?

Students can easily download the AIOU Admission Fee structure for simple programs by simply clicking on the image below.

Download AIOU Fee Structure

Other Aiou Fees

Change of Name (Correction) Fee Charges 2024

Change in name or any other correction in Certificate/Degree (made by Board/University or Court decision)Double Fee of Ordinary Degree Prescribed for Program

Degree Verification Fee Structure

Verification of Certificate Degree (By Students or Departments)By Post-Rs.600By hand (same day) 
 – Rs 1000/
Verification of Certificate/Degree from Foreign Organizations/Oversees CountriesUSD 100**including USD 25 for Courier Charges

Re-Appearing in Exams Fee Schedule 2024

Re-Appear Exams Fee For ProgrammeFee Rate Per Course
SSC/PTC / Elementary ArabicRs 100
HSSC/CT/Diploma 10+3Rs. 200
Bachelor/Associate Degree (2 years)Rs 300
BS/BBA/Associate Degree (4 years)Rs.400
B.Ed (old)/B.Ed (1.5 Years/2.5 years/4 years)Rs 400
MA/MSc/MBA/M.Ed/PGD/MS/M.PhilRs 500

Rechecking/Center Change/Result Card Fee

Rechecking/Center Change/Result Card FeeFee Rate
Change of Examination CenterRs.600
Duplicate Result Card Per SemesterRs.100
Rechecking of per Answer Script ATTC/CT/PTC/B.Ed all Graduate ProgramRs.700
Rechecking of per Answer Script BS/MA/MSc PGD & equivalentRs. 800
Rechecking of per Answer Script MS/MPhil/PhD & equivalentRs.1000

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