AIOU CMS Portal Login 2024 | Enrollment For Continuing Students

Here are the details for the AIOU CMS Portal Login 2024. AIOU continues to release results for Matric, FA, BA, MA, B.Ed, and M.Ed students at Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad. The CMS portal offers various options to update your personal profile data. The opt-in option is required. These options are available to you as needed.

AIOU CMS Portal Login 2023 Course Management System For Students Online

What is CMS AIOU?

The AIOU CMS Portal is essentially an Oracle-based integrated database system with a user-friendly PeopleSoft front-end interface. This application is a market leader in the educational enterprise industry. As part of its digital transformation efforts, Allama Iqbal Open University is actively deploying this system.

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AIOU CMS Portal Login For Students

CMS dashboard system is provided to all AIOUs students. Using the system. Students can easily manage their activities/Operations. The operation below is provided in the Student’s Dashboard.

  • To access the CMS Web Portal, go to
  • Students can login using their Registration Number as the username.
  • Your password will be the last 2 characters of your name combined with the last 4 digits of your Registration Number.
  • If you encounter any problems with AIOU Enrollment Online, you can submit a complaint at

There are 7 options when you login to enrollment CMS aiou.

Academic Records

  1. My Tutor Allocation: Find your assigned tutor for assignment evaluation in this section.
  2. Course History: Here, you can verify your admission status, review your enrollment/admission history, and check your current enrollment status.
  3. View Unofficial Transcript: Access and download your unofficial transcript/DMC here for various purposes. In case the service is temporarily unavailable, you may need to wait or reach out to AIOU support for assistance.


If you notice that your personal information in AIOU profile is incorrect, you can contact AIOU AIOU Support.. AIOU Administration Department will provide you with instant help to update your record accurately in your AIOU profile.

Campus Personal Info

Under this option student personal information will be saved.

Course Registration

You can enroll in a new section by using this specific section. This is very important information Starting from Spring 2022 Allama Iqbal Open Universities Islamabad has modified its reappear policy. All students who have previously failed may re-enroll and retake the semester at AIOU and are allowed to continue their education with AIOU.

Student Service Request

This is Place/Service Point where you can apply online in the following categories.

  • Refund of Fees
  • Others Fee Invoice
  • Correction in Personal Information
  • Apply For Financial Aid / Scholarship

Exam & Grades

In this section, students can easily access their semester-wise result history with a single click. Also Note that starting from Autumn 2021, you can view both your component marks and final grades. Before that time, only the final grades were displayed.

Mailing Book Tracking

This title allows you to track your books the delivery from AIOU. You may easily track their status using AIOU DTS (Delivery Tracking System).

AIOU CMS For Continuing Students

Allama Iqbal Open University boasts a wide array of academic programs to choose from. As one of Pakistan’s oldest and most reputable institutions, AIOU proudly holds the title of the world’s second Open University. If you’re interested in learning more about program costs, the prospectus provides all the latest information. Additionally, feel free to reach out to the official contact number for inquiries regarding fees.

CMS Portal AIOU Online 2024

In order to access the CMS portal, AIOU students, whether new or returning, must input their user IDs and passwords. Recently admitted candidates have been receiving their login credentials from AIOU. To confirm admission, students must submit their fees before the deadline. If you have paid your challan fee and are waiting for registration results, it is advisable to contact the AIOU main campus or regional office for help.

CMS AIOU Enrollment 2024 Result Online

All current AIOU students must take note! The registration for the Fall 2024 semester is now open and exclusively available online. To gain access to the university website, please use the login structure This semester, online registration is open for Matric, FA, ADA, ADS, BS, MS, and MPhil classes. You simply cannot afford to miss out on this golden opportunity to continue your education at AIOU!


How do I login into CMS?

1. Visit
2. Use your Registration Number as the username.
3. Your password is the last 2 characters of your name and the last 4 digits of your Registration Number.

How can I get my CMS password in AIOU?

Contact AIOU Regional Office for Username/Password.

How can I get my user ID and Password in AIOU?

1. Contact the AIOU administration or IT support for assistance.
2. Provide them with your relevant identification and enrollment information.
3. You can obtain or reset your user ID and password by contacting AIOU administration or IT support. They will provide guidance on the process.

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