AIOU Books Tracking 2024 | Spring and Autumn Semester Online

Allama Iqbal Open University has introduced Tracking system which is AIOU Books Tracking System. Students of any program can easily track their books with the help of AIO books tracking system. After Allama Iqbal Open University admission, students are waiting for the books so that they can get the books on time and prepare for the assignments and also for the exams. As all of you students know that AIOU is one of the famous universities of Pakistan. That they have conducted a digital method AIOU Books Tracking 2024 or AIOU Books Dispatch. With the help of which you can find out the location of your books sitting at home whether the books have left the university or not.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have the physical books available, you can easily download the books in PDF form, even if you are a student of any program. Click here to download the Books in PDF format.

AIOU Books Tracking 2023 | Spring and Autumn Semester Online

How to use AIOU Book Tracking System?

AIOU create a user friendly tracking system of books. Everyone can use it so easily, here we will explain you step by step how to track your AIOU books online.

  • First of all visit Allama Iqbal’s open university’s official website
  • Then, click the button Enrollment (CMS) and again click the button on CMS For Continuing Students.
  • After clicking, the button of CMS For Continuing Students then opens the login page in the CMS portal.
  • Now you should need to enter your User Name and Password.
  • After login in CMS portal, then click the box of Mailing Book Tracking.
  • Or click here AIOU Books Tracking.
  • After Clicking on Mailing Book Tracking then open the new interface on your mobile/PC then find the button of Search and click them.
  • Finally, Select your semester (Spring/Autumn) now you will see the information of the books.
ProgramsDownload AIOU Books PDF Online

How to complain about not getting aiou books?

If you are do not receive the books from AIOU, then you can complain. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Contact AIOU Reginal Office: First of all you have to find AIOU Regional Office which is from your area or study center. Now you can find their contact information on AIOU website or prospectus. Please inform them all your information that you have not received the books.
  2. Provide Necessary Details: When you contact the regional office, you are ready to provide all of these things such as, enrollment number, program details and other relevant information.
  3. Follow Up: Follow up the reginal office. Inquire about the progress of your complaint and ask them about the status of update boxes.
  4. Escalate The Complaint: If the regional office cannot solve your problem, you can appeal it to the higher authority.
  5. Document Communication: It is very important to record your communication including dates, name of the individuals you speak, and any reference number provided. All these documents can expedite your case.
  6. Assistance From Student Support Service: If your problem is still not resolved, you can contact the AIOU Student Support Service


Before using the AIOU Book tracking System, students should read all the requirements given below carefully.

  • First of all, make sure Your admission should be confirmed.
  • Before tracking, make sure your first semester fee should be paid.
  • Your address should be correct.
  • Make sure that the address post service is also avalible.
  • above the step, now you can roll in the LMS/enrollment portal in AIOU because by using roll in you can use the AIOU tracking system.

AIOU Books Tracking Complaint Center

Phone Number: 051-111-112-468


Address: Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad- 44000, Pakistan


Mailing Box Service on AIOU

Furthermore, the mailing books tracking feature enables students to track the soft copies of their course books, which the university now provides in place of hard copies to their candidates.


what number of days are required to get there books by aiou?

The minimum of 6 month are required the delivery of book to the students of AIOU.

What is AIOU Books Tracking 2024?

AIOU Box Tracking 2024 It helps you to trace the books. Basically it tells you the location of the books by tracking system.

What is the importance of tracking system of books?

This is one of the best services provided by AIOU to the students. Before the system, some students used to buy books because they thought that AIOU did not send books. But when they bought the books, the books were sent to their house by AIOU the next day. But now students can easily see the location of books.