AIOU Assignment Marks 2024 | Check Spring/Autumn Assignment Result Online

Do you want to check how many AIOU Assignments Marks you got in finals? Or do you want to know the passing marks for assignments? Or might be assignment percentage in the finals! In this article we will discuss about all the solutions. Basically the purpose of the assignments is to make the student study regularly and understand the related concepts of their subject and when each student researches the given topic and makes the assignment himself which is beneficial for the student.

AIOU Assignment Marks are considered in the final result of each semester. If you want to submit your assignment like BA FA Matric BCom or any other program, then you can check AIOU Assignment after following the guidance given below.

AIOU Assignment Marks 2023  Check Online Autumn & Spring Semesters

AIOU Assignment Marks Spring 2024 Autumn

To check your Assignment Marks of AIOU for Spring 2024 and Autumn 2024, visit this page. Just click on the Provided Link to access your assignment results for different programs like BA, MA, Matric, FA, B.Ed(Old/New), ADP/ADA/ADS/ADC, MSc, M.Com, BSc, M.Ed MPhil, Ph.D. This page will provide assignment mark details of both spring and autumn semester at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).

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9th, 10th, Matric FA BA MA B.Ed M.Ed ADP/ADA/ADS &ADC

Assignment MarksLinks
Assignment Marks Spring 2024Click Here
Assignment Marks Autumn 2024Click Here

How do I check my aiou assignment marks 2024 online?

  1. Visit Assignment marks page using the below link.
  2. AIOU Assignment marks page. A new page will open.
  3. Click the link of your Semester (Autumn / Spring) and Year (2022 / 2024). Another page will open.
  4. On this page, Now you can select your program from the drop down menu and click submit. Again another page will open.
  5. Enter your Roll Number.
  6. Click the submit button.
  7. Your assignment result will be displayed on the following page. Check the marks list below to see if you have passed.

AIOU Assignment Mark Spring Semester

Students at Allama Iqbal Open University may check their results for their submitted assignments for the spring semester of 2024 by clicking here. This link will take you to the assignment page.

AIOU Assignment Mark Autumn Semester

Students at Allama Iqbal Open University may check their results for their submitted assignments for the autumn semester of 2024 by clicking here. This link will take you to the assignment page.

AIOU Assignments Marks Calculation

Except that, there is a way of calculating your marks below is the procedure:

AIOU uses this method to calculate assignment and exam marks To make final combined marks, here is an Example :

If you are a student of Arabic then: 

Total assignment marks aiou: 337 out of 400 Exam Marks: 60 out of 100

So you got 67 Conflated Marks, here it is:

University adds 30% marks from assignments and 70% Marks from exam marks.

Assignment Marks Calculation Formula : 

1- Assignment marks multiply by 30 and then divided by Total assignment Marks

337 x 30 = 10110 now divide by 400 = 25.275 Assignment marks 30%

2- Exam marks multiply by 70 and then divided by Total Exam Marks

60 x 70 = 4200 divide by 100 = 42 Exam Marks 70%

3- now add them 25.275 + 42 = 67.275 Conflated Marks

AIOU Assignment Passing Marks

Percentage of MarksLetter GradeGPA
Percentage of MarksLetter GradeGPA
85% and above but below 100%A4.0
80% and above but below 85%A-3.7
75% and above but below 80%B+3.3
70% and above but below 75%B3.0
65% and above but below 70%B-2.7
60% and above but below 65%C+2.3
55% and above but below 60%C2.0
52% and above but below 55%C-1.7
50% and above but below 52%D1.0
Below 50%F0.0

AIOU Assignments Marks BA

To process first enter your roll number and select your program before clicking the submit button. So you can see your grades and the current status of your assignments by logging in to the this page. ED M.COM MS Ph.D. AIOU has announced Assignment 2024 current academic semester on its website.

AIOU Assignments Marks FA

If an FA student is unable to upload the assignment before the deadline, he gets 0 points. The website now makes it possible for students to view their academic programs and their grades from the 1st through 4th semesters assignments including doses from the matriculated to the bachelors, the master, and the doctoral levels.


Is it necessary to Submit your Assignment?

Passing the assignments is important for all the students of AIOU otherwise you will not be able to appear in the exam and hence you will not be awarded the degree.

What is the time duration to complete AIOU assignments?

AIOU takes more than 1 month for all students to complete and submit their assignments to Allama Iqbal Open University.

What is the passing marks for AIOU assignments?

40% passing marks in Final Exam. To pass any course at the Matric, FA, and BA (Old) program levels, and (Assignments and Final Exam) are required.

How do you calculate assignment score?

You will calculate assignment score details in the above of the article.

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